Driving dogs?
OK, New Zealand at least it's not Hobbit-related
Dec 7, 2012
Christmas music, 24/7
The radio stays off.
Nov 30, 2012
Why the half story?
When truth and idealism throw down.
Nov 21, 2012
Parking lot iPad fail
Woman buys "iPad" at gas station, only to discover a mirror in place of the tablet.
Nov 10, 2012
One-way bathroom mirrors
A creeper's heaven.
Nov 3, 2012
Denny's cashing in on The Hobbit
I doubt that Tolkien was a grand slam sort of guy.
Oct 27, 2012
Police tase blind, 61-year-old man
They thought he had a sword.
Oct 20, 2012
Two years later- drunk finally finds car
yeah I avoided the movie joke this time.
Oct 13, 2012
Terry, a sheep with an upside down head
A strange phenomenon
Oct 6, 2012
Only on the Internet: Mummified cat slam dunking mummified bird
Seriously, I wish I made this up.
Sep 29, 2012
Screaming monkey robot
The end is near, I know it.
Sep 22, 2012
Ermahgerd! Knock it off already.
Seriously, now it's going too far.
Sep 15, 2012
Creepiest Burt and Ernie cosplay ever
Though thinking of dressing as them is already questionable.
Sep 8, 2012
Karma: Steal a phone, get Ebola.
Perhaps someone should have thought that through.
Sep 1, 2012
Old lady ruins a treasured fresco
Seriously, my kids could have done better.
Aug 25, 2012