Creepiest Burt and Ernie cosplay ever

Creepiest Burt and Ernie cosplay ever

Though thinking of dressing as them is already questionable.

I love cosplay, I don't actually do it personally, but I love seeing others. Some costumes are just pure brilliance in execution, master works of art. Nothing is better than when a good artist gets together with an individual with a good build for a certain character, or even better, the actual model used for a video game character. The characters chosen sometimes are quite telling too- be it because it's popular now, or the person has a connection with the character, or just to let their humor shine through.

That said,  I have no idea about the cosplay of Bert and Ernie. It's very, very, very creepy. I love the humor I suppose, I mean Bert and Ernie at Dragoncon? Really? It's just an oddity. The fact that they went with prosthetics was nice, the seams are pretty much undetectable and they do sort of have a semi-foamish look to them, but the craters, wrinkles and such...

Was that just an unforeseeable error in the way they decided to make the costumes? Was it intentional? I have absolutely no clue but will still give them a round of applause for it, even though they get a “WTF!?" award for it. It still looks amazing. It should be noted I'm going with the creepy by intent logic here.

I could and should spend time talking about “when cosplay goes wrong,” which actually I have done many many times. Let's face it: though fun, sometimes one should really consider if they are cut out for it. It's harsh to say, and I don't like taking the fun from anyone, but I also don't think anyone would appreciate a 450 lbs man dressed as Vampirella- it just won't work. Bert and Ernie however; creepy as intended or didn't work, purely because we're talking about it now.