Driving dogs?

Driving dogs?

OK, New Zealand at least it's not Hobbit-related

OK, I recently went on a long rant in another blog about New Zealand's over-the-top and flat-out creepy obsession with The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit. I understood it's pretty much the only real thing they have going for them at the moment, but warned them that they needed to go outside and do something new, get out of mom's basement a little. Well, it appears they listened to me and did indeed do something...unique?

What they did once they broke out into the wide open real world seems noble; I'll give them some credit for at the very least. However, at the end of the day perhaps they should just go back to the basement because I fear what they may come up with next.

In an attempt to show they are more than hobbit lovers, they decided to show how much they love their dogs. To demonstrate how seriously they take their four-pawed pals, they recently undertook an initiative to help boost pet adoptions by flaunting how smart dogs can actually be by teaching them to drive.

The training came over a course of seven months, teaching individual tricks such as putting the car into gear, accelerating, turning yadda yadda, and then slowly began to combine the different steps until they got to the point that they felt comfortable enough to put their dogs behind the wheels of a real car. There is a plan to have the dogs and their wheels make a more public showing soon with a national broadcast.