Ermahgerd! Knock it off already.

Ermahgerd! Knock it off already.

Seriously, now it's going too far.

Memes are wonderful things, they show up out of the blue (sadly born in a ver,y very scary corner of the webber net ), make us laugh for a week or so, then they start to die off and make room for something new. A few VERY lucky ones may even last a few weeks. The problem is that some of the better ones have a bad habit of then finding roots with the less than socially up to par.

You know them, the types who still make Bobbit jokes all these years later, like it just happened yesterday, and do it at the worst possible time, such as when you tell them you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Yeah those types. It seems one that had potential for a few weeks of life that has recently found its way into those evil hands is the “ERMAHGERD” Meme. Seriously, I saw a sign outside of a shop here written in that manner. It said, and I quote, “ERMAHGERD, SKERRS BERK! TERM TER GERT YER HER KERT ERND LERK GERRD!”

Really? Barber shops using it is a sign that the meme needs to be put down and has obviously been forced onto life support by the general public. This is NEVER a good thing in these situations. Making it that much worse is the pandering to the teens, obviously though at the same time, it really, really makes the youth look that much dumber. 

Trust me guys, you don’t need that. Your generation is already more or less written off as one that will progress anything other than perhaps the social side. The innovators and problem solvers are currently in elementary school. You DON'T need to let them drag on a meme that makes the studies right.