Oh George, you pissed people off again.

Oh George, you pissed people off again.

But this time I love you for it.

So many of us have developed a love-hate thing with George Lucas. That is to say, the George Lucas of today for taking over and imprisoning the REAL George Lucas we all loved so much in a corporate dungeon, then trolling us all by destroying all the wonderful things that good George created. Needless to say, George has done gone trolling again, however this time he has me calling it a move of pure brilliance.

George owns a massive chunk of land in Marin County, California. OK, let's be honest, the area is called Lucas valley. It's where the Skywalker Ranch is, it's where ILM is and it's where Skywalker Sound, the people behind THX, are. George's next goal was to build a 300,000 square foot production studio. 

The proposed studio would bring millions to the “already too wealthy to start with” neighborhoods. Sounds like a plan, right? How can overly rich people not like the sound of more money? It's because they are douches, that's why. They feared it would bring in too much traffic, and the construction would be distracting and other snobbish arguments.

What is it that George does after years of fighting with his neighbors? Perhaps the greatest troll ever. Lucasfilm released a statement stating that they will give up their battle for a studio out in Lucas Valley in favor of using the land, in partnership with the Marin Community Foundation to create low income housing for families and seniors because if there is one thing the super rich hate more than foot traffic, it's poor people. Guess that studio is not sounding so bad after all huh?