Only on the Internet: Mummified cat slam dunking mummified bird

Only on the Internet: Mummified cat slam dunking mummified bird

Seriously, I wish I made this up.

It's the Internet; it's weird, it's scary and anything and everything seems to have a place and a price, for better or worse. One such item found it's way onto eBay. And yes, just as the title suggested, it was a mummified cat playing basketball with a mummified bird. It's creepy to many and quite odd. In truth, there are shows dedicated purely to these exact sort of things, but that does not diminish the creepy factor at all.

Oh, one can rant that eBay claimed they would be doing away with “junk sales” and as much as I wouldn't touch this item with somebody else's 20 foot pole does not mean it's really a junk item. The recent ban sweeping eBay was directed at "magic potions, prayers, well wishes, spells” and the likes. You can still sell the hair ball from your clogged drain or a statue made completely out of duck poo.

Unless you stated it had magic healing properties then I suppose it may have some issues, but all depends on how you word it. What can one really say? There clearly really is a market for articulated skeletons of animals, mummified animals, old fashioned taxidermy and the more odd off shoots of such. 

It's important to note that human remains, however, are considered illegal to buy and sell. In some cases it can be done with a permit, though this usually pertains to medical specimen from before a certain date. Yet once more, it's odd and creepy, yet it's there and people see an art behind it.

That alone is all it needs to find its way onto the web and into places like eBay. Really not much one can do but take the moment to see it and go "huh?!” and pick apart why such a thing may be enjoyable to others. After all, not much good comes from blindly debasing everything, at least not until some effort has been made to understand first. Even as weirded out as said Mr. Kitty here leaves me, there is still a respectable aspect to it all.