Parking lot iPad fail

Parking lot iPad fail

Woman buys "iPad" at gas station, only to discover a mirror in place of the tablet.

I've needed a good fail to come across the web that spoke to me. Sure there are tons of fails but very few hit me in the right way, a way that really shows that common sense is a thing that is not always with us, and some of the most obvious things that should feel wrong somehow don't.A Texas woman was approached in a gas station parking lot by a man stating that he had some iPads and laptops that he was interested in selling. As though people popping up at a gas station and offering to sell high-end electronics from out of their trunk is obviously not questionable in the slightest.

Excitedly, she paid the $200 asking price and was handed an unopened FedEx Box, and thought nothing of it as the man hopped into his car and sped off. She opened the package to find what she believed to be a official packaging “because it had the apple logo and everything.”  When she opened the box, she quickly discovered herself - literally.

What was inside? A mirror roughly the size of the popular (though over-hyped in my experienced knowledge) tablet. She contacted authorities but admits to not being able to really provide anything to go on, not even a plate number.

Yet she did learn a valuable lesson. “Don't buy nothing on the streets from nobody" - her own words of wisdom. I know scammers like this exist because people DO fall for them, yet I can never get over just how easily people over look red flags without a second thought.