Screaming monkey robot

Screaming monkey robot

The end is near, I know it.

What is one thing we are all the most terrified of? A robot monkey thing that cries and sprays water all over the place. And we have to thank the person capturing the video at the Pirate Summit at Odonien, Germany for letting us know such fears were now a reality.

Yes, engineering is cool, and it's nifty to see the things that can come out of it, but this truly is one of the scariest things I have seen in my entire life. No shock that the second scariest thing actually is a tie that comprises of countless robots all over Japan being used for secretaries, or medical practices that are made to resemble “ poor” real people with half normal-looking expressions and reactions. 

No I don't think the term "uncanny valley" means anything to them. I honestly hate creepy robots. The more life-like, the more distrust (but that's what the whole uncanny valley bit is about). On the other hand, utter junk yard robots are just as bad. Yes I know, that leaves me with my R2/3Po, and jhonny 5's and I'm happy with that because I know they won't try to kill and replace me or chase me into a tree.

I can give the engineers the credit they deserve and I love watching the robotics and cybernetics sciences advance and progress because, yes I DO want my R2 unites that are common place for everyone. I just don't want them to be the things of nightmares.