Terry, a sheep with an upside down head

Terry, a sheep with an upside down head

A strange phenomenon

Step right up folks, gather round, one and all. See Terry, the upside down sheep. When you look up, he's actually looking down. It's an oddity of nature to be sure. Stare into the upside down sheep eyes and marvel at Nature's savage prank.

Alright so I'm an absolutely horrible sideshow promoter, yet it had to be done. What you see here is just as it is: Terry, a sheep with an upside down head. Images and video of the sheep started rolling around the Internet recently and caused quite a buzz. Then again, that pretty much goes with any form of odd or interesting defect. And let's face it, the days of the Coney Island freak show are gone, so really all we're left with is marveling at mutated animals. 

It is really interesting to see all the different way things can go wrong with nature. Sheep with an upside down head, two headed snakes, three tailed dogs and so on. Of course, it's perfectly fine to exploit animals like that, but oh my goodness, if you so much as make a comment about people with three chins, you're intolerant. 

Now for those wondering, the sheep himself is actually doing quite well. The neighbor who took the photos and video did say that the animal has seen a vet and has shown to have no form of suffering associated with the condition and can do all the normal sheep-like things without any problems. You know what's up (or down) when you have an upside down head. Wait, does this mean that with he looks up, he gets a head rush? Or maybe it's actually half Australian. Ha, get it? Because it's only partly upside down...oh, you don't care.