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My favorite fail of 2011


  It's built into nature that everything fails, or succeeds; A star forms and can create a solar system, or it fails and becomes a brown dwarf. Life forms on a planet and evolves to survive or it fails. It's just how life goes. A literal “ do or do not” aspect. We humans however have been able to somehow take this facet of nature and turn it into a wondrous and usually painful art that brings up questions as to how we even managed to make it this far.

My Favorite fail this year happened just recently in Japan. Okay I know you saw that and just cringed thinking I'm a horrible person. No YOU are the bad person, I was not even going there. Guilty conscious now? Good!. Anyhow; On December 4th a Ferrari lead group of exotic sports cars on a trip from Japan’s southern island of Kyushu to Hiroshima lost control as it tried to change lanes and what ensued was a mangled mess of fancy schmancy super cars. Eight Ferraris and one Lamborghini as well as other cars not involved in the “ group” lay in ruins for a estimated 4 million in damages. Nobody was seriously hurt.


I may be a bad person actually, because I find great humor in seeing toys that cost three times as much as my house and serve little more than a way to show other people you think you are better than them get destroyed. “ Oh but if you had the money you would get one!” you cry. And to that I pat you on the head once more for your effort. Truth is where I live it's mountainous and icy a good chunk of the year owning a worthless toy like that would be... well worthless. I'd rather spend it on getting my house modified to look like the Millennium Falcon, good gaming rig with massive triple screens and enough peanut butter and coffee to....well, to have a lot of peanut butter and coffee.