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Bull shark takes diver's camera in Bahamas

If there is one thing that every one of us should enjoy, it is when nature decides to troll or flat-out bully humanity. Let's face it, it's refreshing to see our overly inflated egos get put back into line and be reminded that we are animals too, and not always the brightest. It's even better when it's done by a shark. Because it's a shark, we really don't need to go into it any more than that.

There is actually nothing super crazy about this story really. A photographer put his camera down while filming and taking pictures of the apex predators in the Bahamas and a sweet little female bull shark decided that she wanted it, and scooped it off the sea floor and swam off with it. Seriously?

Looking shocked there mister diver? What did you really expect when you left something “new and shiny” in the midst of a group of sharks? You realize this is not only finder's keepers (like were dumb enough to argue with a bull shark), but she also obviously has a good fence someplace where she can unload the camera and get quite a few sand dollars for it on the black market?

HA! See what I did there? Sand dollars! I'm on a roll today! Seriously though, the fate of the camera is really anyone’s guess. She could have fenced it, ate it or just got bored with it and spit it out into some trench that the divers have no hope of finding anytime soon.