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Chinese villagers find sex toy and think it's a rare, undiscovered mushroom

OH you guys! How can you not figure this one out?

While going about their business, digging a well and doing other things people do in Liucunbu, a village outside the Chinese city of Xi’an, villagers pulled up an amazingly rare, never before seen fungus! They kept it alive by throwing it into a bucket and called the media, who reported it as being odd, having eyes and a nose. The reporter mentionned that it was mushroom shaped at both ends, one side looked like lips and one had a hole running through it. She even went on to talk about its fleshy meaty feel. The thing here is that it was no mushroom. Nope, it was a sex toy. Artificial girly bits on one end, artificial butt parts on the other.  How the bloody hell can the world's most populated nation not know this? Is it perhaps over the top sexual repression that even the prudish U.S. finds too much? Or is it just a case of simple ignorance? I mean, Chinese villages are said to sometimes be barely past a third world status when remote enough (like most remote places actually).

When confronted with the truth as to the “mushroom's” true identity, the news agency threw its reporters under the bus saying they were young and wouldn’t know such things existed. Seriously though, you mean to tell me that out of an entire village, reporters, their crew, editors and station managers, not ONE person could tell them what it was? I bet the janitor knew though, but he wasn't going to say anything...