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Rrawr Hulk no like bath!

A lesson learned

I'm all for cosplay, be it for a con, or just because you want to feel sexy on long cold nights. There is something to be said however about choosing how you paint yourself up, or I should say how not to. This is a lesson that went over the head of Paulo Henrique dos Santos of Brazil who decided to attend an event painted up as the Hulk.

Hulking out is respectable, There are worse characters one could choose, and lets face it when it comes to supply costs Hulk is about as cheep as it gets. The only real cost is paint, and none of that crappy grease paint they sell at Halloween, NOBODY should use that as body paint, it's to thick and looks totally fake. Paulo learned there was a hidden cost however after discovering the shop ran out of the body paint he typically used- and instead used paint used for ballistic weapons and subs. The cost? Most likely a few layers of skin and a humiliating image of him getting a toilet brush scrub down by his mother.

You know I will be honest though I think more people should find a way to dye their skin for good. It may just be my xenophilia acting up- seriously though, anybody who would turn themselves into a Chiss, or a Zeltron or some such would instantly win me as a serial stalker for life. Mr. Paulo Henrique dos Santos should just embrace his new found green self and consider just getting the rest of his skin evened out, there may be more to gain that way, and he can hide in the jungles better when the monkeys start to rise up against us.